Mary Sanchez

After a bad living situation forced me out of my home, I found refuge at Church on the Street. During the months I lived here, I learned to love the Lord and my fellow disciples at the Mission. I loved the way everyone treated me here and thought it was beautiful to be here. I am now living independently in my own home, after the church helped me out with moving, but I come back to visit because I miss everyone. I continue to share the love of Jesus I found here with those around me.

Amy Cahill

I am a lifelong native of Denver, Colorado where I lived with my husband of 20 years and his parents, due to my disability. I was very very sick: on oxygen due to chronic respiratory failure and having difficulty walking. After I started to fall at home, my doctor ordered case management services for me: physical therapy, occupational therapy, a social worker. I was considered homebound, and the occupational therapist discussed the use of a walker or even a wheelchair. I was seeking a possible assisted living situation or handicapped housing, even though I am only 50. I could not cook, clean, or even shower unassisted. I have a long list of medical diagnoses, and my life was trips to doctors and hospitals.

In March of 2018 my life changed forever when my strained marriage irrevocably collapsed. I ended up living with friends for awhile, but tensions escalated and it became clear I would have to leave and go live in a shelter. I thought about it and decided I wanted to move to Tucson, Arizona, where I remembered going to heal when I was 19. The desert had soothed my spirit then; it called to me once more. But there was a greater call than the desert: the Lord Jesus Christ. I felt led by the Holy Spirit to go, even though I knew only one person in Tucson, an acquaintance. I felt the Lord had work for me to do in Tucson.  I didn't understand how I could do anything for Him in my condition, but I believed and the need was urgent. I bought my plane ticket and left Denver.

The Lord graciously arranged for me to come to Church on the Street April 8th, 2018. Since I have been here, the Lord Jesus Christ has used the training of the discipleship program to teach me to walk with Him. He healed so many things! I am no longer on oxygen. I do my cleaning chores along with everyone else; have helped cook a few meals, and walk everywhere! He restored my musical ear after I lost it due to a head injury, and now I help lead praise and worship! Best of all, through what I have learned here, He has helped me deal with so many troubled emotions. I truly know joy and peace today. I praise the Lord Jesus Christ for all He has done for me, and feel deeply grateful and blessed He led me to Church on the Street.


When I was growing up, my dad was a race car enthusiast. He was killed racing. I think that started the downward spiral: his death at an early age. The weekend my dad was killed was the only race I ever missed with my dad. Me and my dad were very close. During my experience racing, that's when alcohol was introduced to me. As time went on, friends introduced me to marijuana. A few years later, I started using cocaine. Eventually I started dealing. This was my life for 20-30 years. I have also had three failed marriages due to infidelity.  Despite all this, I still managed to hold down jobs.

During this time, I found out I had a bad heart. Eventually, I needed open heart surgery. I had a hard time working after this. Then I heard about a job in Tucson. After how I had spent my time, I figured a move out west would get me away from the influences that made me drink and use. After I got here, the company offering the job turned out not to even be around, which led me to being homeless. I went to Church on the Street. I was here only a few days, but didn't like the program so went somewhere else. There, I met a couple new friends and started drinking and smoking again. I was angry at life and alone, broke. After a time I moved in with a couple of buddies at the other place. We continued drinking and smoking. One day we had a big blowout and my buddy kicked me out on the streets again. I ended up back at Church on the Street, which I guess was intended all along. By this time I was very angry indeed. I was asking why, why was I in this situation. I walked away from a stable life to nothing. Why did I do what I did? 

My faith has always been there. I always believed, but I was angry. Why did you let me to do this, I asked God.  The week I have been here at Church on the Street helped me gain understanding. Thanks to Pastor Tim, I learned I need to brush up on my Bible, gain some of my knowledge back, but the main thing I was missing was understanding. Now that I have gained some, doors are starting to open back up again. I started praying more and practicing my faith. I started reading the Bible more. Now, all of a sudden, I am going home tomorrow. When I get back home, I need to read, learn, and understand. I need to start all over again clean and sober, in my opinion. I want to get back into my art. I have always had it around, but never bothered with it. Now I want a studio. I believe art is what I was intended to do all along. I also want to help my some of my friends realize they are in the same situation I was. They go to church, but some of them still drink and use. I hope to take some knowledge back to help them get clean, sober, and straighten out their lives a little bit too. I am grateful for the time I've been here; I am grateful for Pastor Tim waking me up again. I can't wait to continue my walk with Jesus. In conclusion, this is the hardest lesson of my life and hopefully the last.