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Desiree McKee

My name is Desiree McKee and I have been a disciple at Church on the Street for 4 months. Never in my life have I felt the Holy Spirit moving so strongly within me as I have here. I came here from an abusive relationship and still feeling broken and attempting to recover from a violent kidnapping attempt in 2017. How my heart has expanded since I have been here! For the first time in so long I am surrounded by brothers and sisters whom I fellowship and with and whom I can confidently say unselfishly want what is best for me. By humbling myself and being obedient to God and by following the example set for me by my leaders. I can truly say that the healing and peace I have so longed for but which I thought was beyond me has finally come. God has shown me through being a disciple that what the world calls BROKEN, He still considers BEAUTIFUL, and I can walk confidently and victoriously as a daughter of the Most High King because of His mercy and love. Praise the Lord!


Ricky Burkhart

Hi, my name is Ricky Burkhart.   I have been with Church on the Street for about a year already.  I came here from California and joined the 6 month Discipleship Program.  I only completed 4 out of 6 months before returning to California.  Soon after I left I ended up coming back to Church on the Street as a renter.  At that point in time, I still had not found God.  However, I knew He was there because He gave me the strength to complete all my DUI classes and community service hours while working and going to church every day.  Even though I did not find God while I was in the 6 month discipleship program, I am still grateful that I returned and eventually did find God.  The Lord had showed me that I had a lot to work on.  Shortly after completing my DUI classes, I was able to get my license back.  I then started to look for an apartment.  God had different plans for me because He was still trying to get my attention.  He blocked every single plan I had to leave Church on the Street.  At that point, I finally picked up a bible, started reading God's word, and began truly trying to seek Him and understand what His word says.  The first book I read was the book of Jeremiah.  While reading, I could see what God had been trying to tell me the whole time.  I learned that I tend to react based off my emotions.  God let me know that I needed to put my emotions in check and surrender everything I have to Him, including my heart.  Now I have so much to be grateful for.  My family welcomes me and loves me, and I have a beautiful fiancee.  I am grateful most of all to God for blessing me with all my relationships I have with my family.  It is not easy, but it is the little things that make the storms we go through worth it.  I just give all the Praise and Glory to God because without Him, I would be in prison or


Jesse Carter


Wow, how do I even begin?  Pretty much EVERYTHING you could imagine was going wrong in my life, my father's health was failing, I was having difficulty finding a decent job and my relationship with my soon to be ex-girlfriend was deteriorating rapidly.  One of those situations where God was allowing circumstances to force me to focus on Him, and then I found my way to Church on the Street. Brothers and sisters in Christ, whom are on fire for the Lord, surround me. The prayers and the support and encouragement I received at one of the lowest points in my life are indescribable. I’m so overwhelmed by the experience that I have dedicated 6 months of my life to their discipleship program.  I CANNOT wait to see what Jesus has in store for me next!


Kari McMillan


My name is Kari McMillan. In my 36 years on Earth I have   experienced many trials and tribulations. The one experience that really had   an impact on me was when my dad passed away from lung cancer. I became angry   with God for "allowing" this amazing human being to suffer so   badly. I became like a child throwing a tantrum by throwing myself into some   pretty scary situations. For two years I struggled trying to find my way   through and out of the darkness. Finally, God reached His hand into the   devil's playground and pulled me out of that darkness, and into His marvelous   light. I have been at Church on the Street Tucson for nearly four months now. Since being here I have begun to walk with   God and each day becomes easier and easier to get through. God continues to   shine His light on me.


Frankie Silvas


God bless you. My name is Frank. I want to   thank the Lord for saving me when he did. I’m truly grateful for all He has   done in my life. I have been at Church on the Street in Tucson Arizona for a   couple of years now but what I would really like to share is something that   no man has ever done for me. I want to tell you what my Lord Jesus has done   for me. He has not only changed my life; He has transformed it! I live a life   of peace now knowing that the God I serve is not only capable of saving my   life but also anyone who would be willing to ask Him into their hearts. I   thank God for opening the doors to Church on the Street. It is places such as   this that can save people’s lives through Christ. Just like he saved mine.   Thank you, Lord, for answering my cry.


Vince Bramley

“My name is Vince Bramley. I am the Men’s Mission House Manager and I have been here for 2 ½ years. Not too long ago I began doing a door to door outreach and I have been so blessed by the experience. When God put it in my heart to start this outreach, The Lord sent a minister to our Thursday night outreach and he blessed us with tracks. I believe this was the Lord preparing and providing us for us to do is will. This minister even gave us some tips on how we could be a blessing and minister to the mostly Hispanic neighborhoods.  A few of the disciples and I go faithfully through Tucson sharing the word of God, passing out flyers and the tracks to as many people as we can. As we travel, we pray over the City of Tucson and the Holy Spirit really speaks to us as we walk. Sometimes people will even approach us and ask us for prayer! This truly is amazing. So far, we have gone as far as 10th Ave all the way to Kolb and have already passed out 3,500 tracks! Glory to God!”