Pastors And Leaders


Tim Booker, CEO and Head Pastor

Head Pastor Tim Booker joined Church on the Street in Phoenix 25 years ago as a member of their discipleship program. He has personally lived through everything he asks of the disciples. He lives in Tucson with his wife Sinia and his children, who are all dedicated to serving the Lord.


Martin Matus, Assistant Pastor, Workmen's Program and Men's Discipleship Director

Pastor Martin joined Church on the Street as a disciple on September 7th, 2013. After awhile, he realized the Lord was calling him to ministry and he was ordained as a pastor December, 2015. As Pastor Tim's right hand man and overseer of the church, he shepherds the Workmen's Program and Men's Discipleship Program. He married his wife Nicole, also a disciple of Church on the Street, in December of 2017.


Nicole Matus, Associate Pastor, Praise and Worship Leader

Nicole Matus came into Church on the Street as a guest in June of 2014. Along with others, Nicole joined our 6 Month Discipleship Program after just 10 days. Nicole met her current husband, Pastor Martin Matus here in the program. Pastor Martin had already been here almost a year when they met. Before her marriage in December 2017 to Pastor Martin, Nicole was a house manager in the Tucson Mission and the Sierra Vista women's house director. Nicole was ordained a Pastor of the church on June 9, 2019 and she currently helps lead praise and worship, monthly communion services, and continues to minister as an elder of the church. Nicole is passionate about helping people find their identity in Christ and freedom from the chains that bind them.


Edward Avilez, Assistant Pastor, Men's Mission Director

Pastor Edward "Ed" Avilez has been with Church on the Street since August 2011. He started out just like everyone else. Ed was a house manager, work director and now our mission director. He is responsible for the day to day running of the mission. He loves the Lord and shares everything he can.


Kaitlin Edwards, Women's Mission Manager and Administrative Assistant

Kaitlin joined Church on the Street as a disciple July 18th, 2013. Although Kaitlin resisted her call, she has held this position on and off since 2014 and has finally settled into it permanently for about the past year. She loves the women she helps and feels passionately about leading them closer to the Lord and making a difference in their lives.


Vince Bramley, Men's Mission House Manager

Vince joined Church on the Street as a disciple in June, 2017. In addition to assisting Pastor Ed, he is in charge of the daily homeless outreach ministry providing food and showers to our guests. He loves studying the Word of God and sharing what the Lord teaches him.